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The presence of minimalist furniture directly affects the furniture industry, which on average made classic types of carved furniture, it does not necessarily turn off jepara carving furniture, but indeed it is felt the reduced demand for carving furniture since this “minimalist” trend exists. many  who used to make carved furniture turn around making minimalist furniture. Double showrooms that used to install furniture also now have a minimalist model of furniture.

Why Buy Minimalist Furniture?

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The main reason for consumers to choose a minimalist teak furniture from Jepara is because of the trend minimalist modern furniture that is currently booming. what’s the trend, how else, it will directly change market tastes, most of our consumers say that the reason they buy minimalist furniture is that they want modern furniture not outdated, so it’s like in the cafe. information from abroad, especially from social media about furniture trends is very influential on the tastes of the domestic market. Because the minimalist furniture is easy to maintain, its simple shape and not a lot of carvings make it very easy in matters of cleaning care, just use a damp cloth and / or feather duster is done without the need extra energy, different from furniture antique which tends to have a lot of carving indentations that are somewhat difficult to clean. also because of its simple shape, the strength of its construction also tends to be stronger than, carpenter is easier to make a strong connection to the straight media than to the curved media you know. For the third reason that may be the reason why the demand for minimalist furniture is increasing is the number of new housing units that are small in size. Model houses and small apartments are indeed very appropriate when adopting this type of furniture, most minimalist furniture sizes are small and practical, very suitable for modern room design. You can certainly imagine how not “matching” the room of the house or small apartment but filled with heavy carved furniture. and you can see for yourself how the construction of housing and apartments

Teak Minimalist Furniture Raw Materials Jepara

The main raw material that we use as the main material for making minimalist furniture is teak, this wood is widely sold in Jepara and is well known for the beauty of fiber and its strength. Teak wood is used for manufacturing minimalist furniture with an average diameter of more than 20 cm, it is reasonable to get a board that is stable in structure and does not easily shrink or change shape due to weather changes. there are several grades

Minimalist Teak Furniture Prices

As we alluded to above that our furniture is available in 3 prices, namely the price of grade C for standard quality, grade B for good quality and grade A for the best quality. The following is a brief explanation of the difference in grade. You can read more detailed explanation on one of our pages that specifically discusses the differences in the quality of Jepara wood furniture

Furniture Quality Grade C

Wood Material: Community wood diameter 17-25 cm (the edge of the white wood is still used)
Finishing Material: Melamine
Hardware: Huben brand class market standard
The advantages In addition to lower prices, all the shortcomings mentioned above will not be seen if it is not observed by the eyes of people who know the ins and outs of wood, so you will not feel like buying cheap things even at a cheap price. Most of our customers choose grade C for their needs.

Furniture Quality Grade B

Wood Material: Community wood diameter 25 – 35 cm (white edge of wood NOT used)
Finishing material: Nitrocellulose / NC
Hardware: The market standard Drolla brand class
The advantages Durable and high quality because it is made from good raw materials when compared to those on the market because it is made from large diameter wood. the greater the diameter of the wood the older its age and the better its strength.The color and wood grain are uniform because they do not use the white edge of the board.

Furniture Grade A Quality

Wood Material: TPK Perhutani teak wood furniture with a diameter of 30 Cm and above (white wood edge NOT used)
Finishing Material: Nitrocellulose / NC or PU
Hardware: Standard market class of Havele and bloom brands.
We rarely make this grade because it is expensive and the quality specifications are difficult to fulfill. We use Perhutani wood in large diameter and only use the middle of the board which must be minimal from defects, such as dead eyes or broken fibers.The finishing material uses PU (polyurethane) for high gloss orders, this finishing material is the same as the quality of car and motor vehicle paint that is resistant to weather and even acid rain. Top class hardware and extra careful handling make grade A prices relatively expensive.

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