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Italian Office Furniture Manufacturer

Italian Furniture

Italian Furniture Manufacturers Italian Office Furniture Manufacturer is factory Italian furniture in Indonesia. a style of furniture that always holds worldwide appeal. It is a classical style with such charm and informality, and it is hardly surprising why it has become very popular indeed. Also known as the Tuscan style for the area of Italy […]

French Furniture Manufacturer from Indonesia

French Furniture

Here we look at the history of French furniture from heavy medieval dowry coffers to intricate Louis XV marquetry to Art Deco. The Middle Ages In medieval times France was ruled by feudal lords and most ordinary people had pretty grim lives. The lived, ate and slept together in one large room, which was often […]

Venetian Furniture Manufacturer

Venetian Furniture

We are a Venetian Furniture Manufacturer from Indonesia. We are incorporated in WISANKA INDONESIA. You can contact us at contact us. Venetian furniture is first attributed to the 18th and 19th centuries.  Furniture was obviously around in the Venetian Republic before these centuries, but the Venetian period is typically classified as the 18th and 19th […]

Renaissance Furniture

Benefit Using Teak Wood Furniture

The Renaissance period that gives its name to the style of furniture that is becoming increasingly popular today, actually began in Tuscany at the end of the fourteenth century, but soon spread throughout the whole of Italy. Setting a new trend that finished the Middle Ages and led the way for a brighter and much […]