Modern Classic Bedroom Furniture

Modern Classic Bedroom Furniture

Modern Classic Bedroom Furniture

Modern Classic Bedroom Furniture. Around where we live we might have trouble finding new classic bedroom furniture. The existing model of classic bedroom furniture sets may not be in accordance with the expectations that we want. Therefore we serve sales based on your classic bedroom furniture designs. You can just make the classic bedroom furniture model that you want, then we will make it in full with the best wood materials.

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Alexa Bedroom Furniture

The best wood material we use to make modern classic bedroom furniture is to use teak wood. This teak wood flourishes in Indonesia. Precisely in Jepara and other cities that have teak tree forests. Teak trees are used as raw materials for making classic bedroom furniture sets. The reason is if you don’t use teak wood and are older than 10 years, then classic bedroom furniture will be easily damaged and weathered. That’s why we are an honest company in making quality products. So from that, we chose the best wood to make classic bedroom furniture sets. Namely, teak whose age is more than 10 years, in the production process we always supervise and check the quality of the products produced. In the sense that our quality control standards are very strict.

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With the best quality classic furniture that we produce, we are able to survive until now. Our company name is Wisanka Indonesia. Our company was founded in 1993. Where there are currently 6 factories to produce various furniture. Starting from classic furniture, green furniture, reclaimed furniture, teak wood furniture, rattan furniture, etc. We also handle furniture projects for hotels, furniture projects for hospitals, furniture projects for restaurants, furniture projects for cafes, etc.

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You can order furniture products according to your wishes. Or you want to know more complete products from us, you can open the best classic furniture catalog website page. The furniture products that we store in our catalog are furniture products that have been sold in the market. We have made and we have sent our customers. So if you are interested, you can pre-order according to the furniture design you want. If you have further questions, please chat with us via the live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry on the Contact Us page. Our service is friendly and we are willing to be your furniture business partner. thank you

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