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When doing the design retro vintage furniture we can give some impression in the decoration that we will make to be used as the main look like giving an antique and old-looking paint on your furniture will bring an old-fashioned style into your room but give a more contemporary style by using more material past. That’s a lot cheaper than if you have to buy antique furniture, or buy a painting with a vintage furniture or teak classic wood look. In addition, you do not need special painting skills to strengthen the impression of Vintage  Furniture in your room by displaying naturally.

Stage that needs to be done

Remove the pads and accessories that are still attached before painting furniture, make sure you remove accessories or parts like hendles, knobs or hinges that are still attached to the furniture. Next, place each piece of furniture in an area that has good ventilation and air circulation. Dim the color of the surface of the furniture. To fade the color of furniture, you can use a hand sander or fine-grit sandpaper with a rough surface. When finished, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and debris. Clean the furniture with a damp cloth to remove all remaining dust and debris that is still attached to the furniture.

Artika Console Table
Artika Console Table

Furniture paint with a baseAfter cleaning, then paint the furniture with a base layer until the finish using latex paint which gives a good coating for wood. This first layer will be the bottom layer, and not the dominant color. Immediately wipe the area that has been painted with a wet cloth Wipe the area that has been painted with a wet cloth to remove the lump of paint that appears to show the texture of wood underneath with a shiny look to give a retro style vintage furniture. Do this immediately in the condition that the paint is still wet. Wipe with small paint patches starting from the corners of furniture, such as legs or areas that will wear out more quickly if used or touched on the base of wood furniture. For example for a chair, the armrests will wear out quickly, while for the table, the surface will be worn out faster. After being rubbed, leave the rest of the paint dry according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

something to note

Before you start updating furniture paint, make sure you have tried practicing this technique on unused wood boards. Experiment with different color combinations, or try increasing or decreasing the amount for a glaze mixture until you find a color that suits you map the part to be painted. You have to map which part should be painted (the primary part) and leave the part that is not too important. That will make your job like sanding the paint beforehand and repaint it with a Vintage feel will be easier and more authentic. Always wear safe clothing before work, such as always wearing a dust mask when sanding to protect yourself from breathing in dust and wood particles, do not forget to also wear gloves and long sleeves to avoid injury when sanding. In addition, also wear special masks when painting because paint is usually a lot of hazardous chemicals, it can damage the lungs or cause allergies if last.

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