Classic living room with class style choices in several designs with class themes

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Classic Living Room Furniture 

Classic Living Room Furniture, Luxurious and Elegant Living Room DesignClassic design is able to give an increasingly luxurious and elegant look to the living room. Classic designs are created by displaying carvings, accents, distinctive and expensive furniture, as well as room nuances that are certainly timeless. The classic design has a very beautiful, warm and elegant appearance. Creating a living room with a classic design would require a fairly expensive budget. But not to worry, there are many ways to create a classic design room that is luxurious and elegant without the need for expensive costs. For those of you who like the classic style but have a limited budget, you can display a classic impression by trying a soft color palette combined with curtain choices. Sofas and chairs are the main furniture to display the classic style, you can get from old and used models so you don’t have to buy new.

Minimalist Classic Living Room Design

The classic living room furniture design can also be applied to a minimalist room. This classic feel is suitable for those of you who have a vintage style house. Designing a living room with this classic style is to add a wooden element to your living room. Like using furniture and tables from wood combined with sofa cushions. So that the design of your classic living room looks more beautiful, of course you have to choose the color of the furniture in accordance with the concept that is carried.

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Fausta Sofa 3 Seat

Modern Classic Living Room Design

Modern classic living room furniture design is always synonymous with unique designs with ancient carvings and memorable classic. This classic style has always been excellent and widely applied. Modern classic living room design is able to display the impression of luxury and elegance. The design of this modern classic living room needs quite a lot of funds, because the furniture used is included in the luxury category. Some supporting furniture such as sofas and tables that are designed classically increasingly display the impression of luxury and elegance. Color selection is also very influential on the design of this classic living room. A distinctive and firm brown nuance will make your classic living room look very exclusive and elegant. While the selection of nuances of white will make the atmosphere of your living room look clean, neat, and luxurious.

Victorian Style Classic Living Room Design

One of the classic and luxurious living room designs is victorian style. Victorian interior design usually has a lot of ornaments and ornaments that show the tastes and personality of the homeowner. This classic victorian style living room design uses marble, large ceramics, and also wood and granite. To beautify this living room, the carpet is usually covered with various attractive motifs and styles in a classic style. You can even choose carpets that use beads to make it look more luxurious and glamorous. Furniture that is often used in the classic victorian style living room design is a set of luxurious tables and chairs made of wood covered with foam and wrapped in leather. Even luxury cabinets are usually also placed to store books or accessories and decoration.

Classic European Style Living Room Design

The design of this typical European classic living room is like the one in royal classic film. Using a sofa whose legs are covered with fabric with soft pads and foam-covered handrest. The carpet used is usually also with a certain pattern, for example, striped colors or flowers with a dominant pastel color. A simple way that you can try to create a classic European-style living room atmosphere is to leave the walls in the living room unpainted and not coated with anything so the bricks are clearly visible. In addition, you can also use wooden blocks as wall hangings to create an increasingly classic atmosphere. Other interiors like hanging lamps combined with iron, copper or aluminum can also be used. On the ceiling you can use a type of wooden ceiling for a simple house or ceiling model hanging or embossed gypsum accompanied by some carvings for houses that are classified as luxury.

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