Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture

Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture

Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture

Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture is one of the furniture collections in Indonesia. Classic Furniture displays bedroom furniture, beds, bedside tables, cabinets. We Indonesia Classic Furniture makes the range of furniture is part of the Italian Classic Furniture luxury line and is the right choice for all types of architectural projects.

Those familiar with the luxury range of Italian Classic Furniture know that these furniture items exceed any imagination from an aesthetic point of view. However, those who do not know much about Italian luxury furniture brands, can open a photo gallery belonging to the Classic Furniture Design company and see various residential and commercial projects exhibiting furniture works under the Wisanka Indonesia brand.

What is the best for expressing classic Italian furniture designs in the bedroom? One way to give your bedroom a new modern look is to redecorate it and furnish it with modern Italian bedroom furniture and accessories or decorations.

The right design can really reverse your bedroom and give an irresistible look. We employ original wood craftsmen from the City of Jepara Indonesia to provide the best quality furniture that we produce. Our modern Italian bedroom furniture switches from hand carved wooden beds, upholstered beds to more romantic classic upholstered beds, and complete Italian Bedroom Sets.

Italian furniture designs are generally elegant and versatile. There are many different Italian bedroom designs that can be chosen to give your room a modern Italian look. Italian furniture design is cultured and versatile. We are Japara furniture manufacturer making luxury master bedroom furniture for Italian.

We also make Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture. The word classic furniture does not mean old and out of date. You can have Classic Italian furniture that has the look and feel that looks modern classic furniture. Go for the classic Italian look more expensive because the design uses more wood, other materials and fabrics.

Italian classic badroom furniture. The bedroom becomes sacred, more spacious, because we spend more time in it. Give your bedroom the look and feel of Italian furniture design, and treat yourself like a king or queen. Need comfort in resting after a tired day of work. So from that you need to buy furniture that is good and suitable for your break. After waking up you can be more excited and frash again.

Classic Italian bedroom furniture
What can be more comfortable and beautiful than classic Italian bedroom furniture, with harmonious composition, warm colors, mastery of wood texture and decorative finishing character? Classic Furniture Design presents an extensive collection of classic Italian bedroom furniture, from leading brands in the elite sector. Elegant classic Italian bedrooms are distinguished by the following characteristics:
• Harmonious design. The classical style is a timeless direction, which is not subject to such clothing trends.
Classic Italian bedrooms represent the perfect balance between shape and color. In such interiors, every detail is examined carefully.

• Perfect quality.
Italian bedroom furniture, in a classic style, combines the best natural materials, wood varieties and expensive textiles. In the production of bedroom furniture, advanced technological capabilities and the manual work of Italian craftsmen are used, which ensures smooth results.

• Rich end result. Decorating classic Italian bedroom furniture is done manually. For this we use unique techniques of aging, sculpture, inlay, skating. Thus, classic Italian bedroom furniture will become a luxurious interior decoration and create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

• A classic Italian bedroom is the best solution, if you value a time-tested interior style, where every piece of furniture speaks of the owner’s subtle tastes. Due to fine lines and tight proportions, the furniture creates a harmonious living space, which offers rest and comfort in an apartment or in a classic luxury home.


Classic Italian bedroom furniture – Having luxury models
Classic Italian style bedroom furnishings have the following characteristics:

• Natural materials used to make furniture, all of which we take through legal processes;
• abundance of ornate carvings and gold-plated paint;
• perfect workmanship, because the work is carried out by professional craftsmen and also overseen by strict QC (Quality Control);

• Noble color scheme. The bed, as the main element of the bedroom, has a upholstered blackboard and high mattress, often adorned with noble stitches. Elegant bedside tables, luxury toilet and mirror tables complete the bedroom’s interior.

Classic Italian bedroom furniture – Comfort in luxury and warmth
Classic Italian bedroom furniture from Classic Furniture Design, was requested because it offers comfort and excitement – a combination of excellent quality, affordable prices, style and a variety of materials used, which are key to the widespread popularity of classic Italian bedrooms.

If you want your home to reflect your rich inner world and make you feel comfortable in a warm and cheerful environment, start with bedroom furniture, and classic Italian bedroom furniture will really help you. The bedroom is the main room, designed for rest and relaxation, so everything must be arranged beautifully and harmoniously.

Italy has long been producing classic furniture, and Italian craftsmen really know a lot about furniture. You can buy bedroom furniture in bright colors, the main thing is to give the atmosphere of love, peace and warmth to the bedroom.

Classic Italian bedroom furniture – Luxury bedroom models
Classic Furniture Design representatives are happy to give your attention to the attractive quality of furniture collections for classic Italian bedrooms – Indonesia Classic Furniture, Alexa Bedroom Furniture, Alexander Bedroom Furniture, Arnav Bedroom Furniture, Asmara Bedroom Furniture, Butterfly Bedroom Furniture, Catherine Bedroom Furniture, Chiara Bedroom Furniture, Draconia Bedroom Furniture, Iphigenia Bedroom Furniture, Roland Bedroom Furniture, Shakti Bedroom Furniture, Shaurya Bedroom Furniture, Sicilia Bedroom Furniture, Tugalavish Bedroom Furniture, Urania Cream Bedroom Furniture, each bedroom furniture is arranged in its own style.

You will surely find a set of classic Italian bedroom furniture, which will fit right inside your home, offering warmth, comfort and pleasure. Italian classic bedroom furniture is furniture that presents elegance and refinement.

A classic Italian bedroom will light up your home with glory and harmony, inherited from the rulers of classic Italian culture. Classic bedroom furniture will create a unique atmosphere in your home where you want to come back again and again. You can buy classic Italian bedroom furniture in white, ivory or beige.

The soft upholstery of a classic bed will provide additional comfort and a sense of elegance to the warm atmosphere of your room, and the subtle insertion of classic furniture will create glorious luxury that will delight you day after day.

Indonesian Classic Furniture luxury bedroom furniture
Every interior design project is different so client choices are also very different. If you are looking for a style of classic furniture that can look great with different interior design styles, the ranks of Indonesia Classic Furniture will surprise you with a variety of classic and modern furniture. Furniture from the Paradise collection for example can be successfully used in classic and modern interior design projects.

The Designers of Classic Furniture are bold as far as the use of various luxury furniture is concerned, both for modern and classic living rooms or dining rooms. The rounded, elegant and delicate edges of various Italian bedroom furniture make these pieces of furniture quite sophisticated without too many accessories.

So consult with interior design experts and choose the right version for your luxury architectural design project. You can now order furniture sets or chairs through Indonesia Classic Furniture importers.

Specialists recommend a collection of Italian furniture to renew residential spaces such as houses or apartments and redesign commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels or saloon events. This type of furniture is considered good for elegance. high quality pieces and wood used in making this collection by the Italian Classic brand.

The Italian producer always comes first, for launching a unique collection of luxury bedroom furniture that clients can order through the official importer of Classic Furniture Design.


Classic Furniture Design is more than just an interior design company. We are a family of talented architects and designers who are well-known for their successful projects throughout Europe and throughout the ocean. We not only provide architectural and interior design services, but we also handle helping our clients choose the best materials, furniture and equipment for their homes.

We welcome our clients with classic furniture that suits all types of interiors and that can bring comfort and relaxation in your personal space. We also have a wide variety of modern, contemporary, eclectic, Scandinavian or Mediterranean style projects that we can assure you the right type of furniture, materials, decoration.

Being the first choice of many clients from many other big cities around the world, we are open to online collaboration that has been very successful so far.

Our furniture is very luxurious, made with high quality materials that can exceed any expectation. Our interior design specialists offer advice on choosing the style of furniture you want the most. Here we will also communicate to you the right price and assure you of the terms and delivery date for furniture.

Italian classic bedroom furniture – Italian bedroom furniture
Established in 1993, Indonesia Classic Furniture is a leader in the international market for contemporary furniture, classic furniture. Our company always makes classic furniture that is very valuable and smooth.

Artisanal, creative and unique techniques that have been approached by companies throughout history, in the heart of Jepara, must understand and anticipate market trends, by satisfying different tastes and changes that have occurred from time to time.

Passion and determination are still the two main qualities that distinguish Indonesia Classic Furniture from other competitors, and the Classic Furniture Design team continues to look for new collections that last a lifetime, to be offered to their clients. Indonesian Classic Furniture bedroom furniture has it all: elegant and valuable with good art.

Continuous search, and the help of collaborators, determine Indonesia Classic Furniture to invest in restyling its products, so as to obtain new and modern furniture; a selection of new materials and fabrics designed to meet customer demands, but also our customers, and to meet the new generation’s trends.

The result is a bedroom interior design that has set new lines; designs which, provoking a tendency, will be subject to a decisive test: a test of time. With classic bedroom furniture, you will be able to wake up every morning in a pleasant, intimate and elegant atmosphere, which will guarantee you a good start today.

Bedroom furnishings like those made by Indonesia Classic Furniture are the perfect choice when you want to combine useful, fun, elegant and delicate, all in one room. The designers of Classic Furniture will guide and inform you of any choice related to furniture and furniture, and their dedication and creativity always lead to successful projects.


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