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A classic type of furniture is classy furniture. Classy furniture is also made with high-quality materials too. High-quality ingredients can be produced from teak trees. The best teak in the world can be found in the City of Jepara Indonesia, Blora, Solo, Bojonegoro. Located in Java. If you want to have classic colonial furniture, you can get it here. The high-quality furniture is made of teak wood and is more than 10 years old. If you want to have a high-quality classic furniture, you should use furniture with Teak wood.
We are a company engaged in furniture since 1993. Under a company called Wisanka Indonesia, our branch in Jepara focuses on classic furniture. So this website is called Indonesia Classic Furniture. The materials we use to produce classic furniture we use selected teak wood from Jepara forests that are more than 10 years old. And in the production process, we supervise closely. We have high standards so that the furniture products we produce are high quality and our furniture product buyers are happy and repeat orders. We also choose the professional shipping process. So that the classic furniture products received by our customers are really in very good condition.
The following are the classic furniture product categories that we have produced. If you want to order our products, please explain to us what your furniture needs are via live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry via the Contact Us page.
Category Product

Bedroom Furniture
Cabinet Collections
Dining Room Furniture
Home Office Furniture
Kitchen Furniture
Living Room Furniture
Loose Furniture
Plant Stand Collections Furniture

Don’t forget to contact us to update our classic furniture products. More info about classic furniture can chat directly with our marketing below. Thank you

Jepara Furniture Manufacture

Jepara Furniture Manufacture

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer Finding the best Jepara manufacture furniture in Jepara Indonesia is not easy. You have to come and check one by one the company’s production. This will certainly drain your time. Especially you are now outside the territory of Indonesia. Of course, it will cost a lot of money to do that. Jepara […]

Jepara Furniture Indonesia Products

Jepara Furniture Indonesia Products

Address Jepara Furniture Manufacturers We are Jepara furniture manufacturers producing quality and durable Jepara Furniture Indonesia products. We serve sales in large quantities. We are accustomed to exporting products from Jepara Furniture Indonesia products to countries on several continents, namely Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Australia. Our products are well received by consumers and consumers […]

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia

furniture manufacturers in jepara indonesia

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia Hello, we are furniture manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia. Our official website is Our company name is Wirasindo Santakarya or better known as Wisanka Indonesia. Jepara furniture manufacturers are not perishable and of high quality. You can see more about our products at Jepara Furniture Indonesia products bellow. Our address is at […]

High End Mid Century Modern Furniture

High end mid century modern furniture

High end mid century modern furniture Mid century modern furniture for sale. The lovers of classic style furniture that may be the center of Qibla are countries in the Middle East and Europe. Not a few are produced from selected wood craftsmen to produce quality furniture products. Antique furniture designs and quality wood used for […]

Great Furniture Design for Living Room

Great Interior Furniture Design for Living Room

Selection of Great Interior Furniture Design for Living Room is important to create a comfortable home. As much as possible we create a comfortable atmosphere for this livingroom. Outside there are many who sell furniture products, but not concerned with the aspects desired by the customer. Good Furniture Living Room Designs can be seen below. […]

What is Minimalist Furniture Design?

High end mid century modern furniture

Do you know What is Minimalist Furniture Design? What is Minimalist Furniture Design? Minimalist furniture design is a design that is characterized by savings and size in the form of decoration. This minimalist furniture design prioritizes the main function of the furniture. It is estimated that minimalist home designs will continue to survive and continue. […]

Make classic accents furniture more interesting

Living Room Furniture

Indonesia Classic Furniture – Classic Furniture – Accents Furniture To make accents furniture implemented in furniture you can use supporting materials that are hardened to strengthen such as wire furniture that is lightweight, sleek and versatile for everyone and this supports more interesting and special views. We found it interesting from an aesthetic point of […]

presenting rustic furniture designs in your home

Artika Console Table

Classic Furniture – Retro Furniture – Rustic Furniture The rustic style of classic furniture in home designs is often described as simple, rustic but will give a very beautiful impression. The style that is often referred to as rural design embraces organic aesthetics both in the use of natural materials, stone and metal as retro […]

Teak Minimalist Furniture For Modern Design Houses

Hannah Coffee Table Marble Top

Indonesia Classic Furniture – Classic Furniture – Minimalist Furniture The presence of minimalist furniture directly affects the furniture industry, which on average made classic types of carved furniture, it does not necessarily turn off jepara carving furniture, but indeed it is felt the reduced demand for carving furniture since this “minimalist” trend exists. many  who […]